Sitting down with Costa!

Behind the song: One and Only

It’s release day, yewwwwww! Make sure you grab your copy of One and Only if you haven’t already, because it really is like no King Social song released before, and is the first track written by our favourite percussionist, Costa! To celebrate this new single, sit back and read a bit about what went into this song from the tie-dyed legend himself!

Costa, what’s One and Only about?
Hmmmm….. The lyrics really tell it how it is in this one. There’s no metaphorical hidden messages anywhere. Its raw to the core. The song begins with a heart break, to uncertainty of purpose, forming new beginnings of love.

What was your process for writing One & Only?
The chorus was written on the bus to the Airlie Beach Music Festival back in 2014 actually. Everyone was talking shit and being really loud like they always are HAHA!! I couldn’t handle it so I thought I’d write a love song. As I was strumming away on two chords I was thinking at the time that everyone should have a lover.

It’s another ‘new’ sound for King Social. How would you describe it?
Well I honestly don’t think we’ll be releasing too many more like this one. Hip Hop will feature a lot more on our Debut Album. I’m a huge fan of Roy Orbison so I’d say he was an influence on this track.

Is it difficult to hand over your personal stories and lyrics for someone else to sing?
At first, yes it was a little bit I guess. I wanted the song to sound a certain way, some of the lyrics were changed but I’m ok with that (I still sing it my way when i perform it LOL!!) I let go to the recording process and it had to have that ‘King Social’ twist. The beauty of writing a song like this is in its simplicity, it’s open for interpretation and if someone was to cover it and do a better version someday I’d be happy and completely blown away!

What else should people know?
When you listen to this song, I hope you think of your One and Only 🙂


One and Only is available now! We hope you love it, and have someone special to share it with!