Jam in the Jah, Oktoberfest and the rip-roaring-est footy game ever!

Holy Braunschweiger, Batman!!!

Talk about an amazing weekend.

We played a pair of back-to-back gigs in North Queensland over the weekend and the whole place was buzzing – buzzing with a love of music, buzzing with a serious case of footy finals fever and buzzing because it’s simply one of the best parts of the world (not that we’re biased or anything).

On Saturday we hit Innisfail for the Jam in the Jah Festival. This was the second time we’ve played Jam in the Jah and it was great to return as the headliners this year; joining big name acts that have played there in the past including Kingswood and British India. And for a small town, Innisfail REALLY knows how to turn it on! What a well-run event – our hats go off to Tony and the team who continue to make the day bigger and better every year – we can’t wait to go back again!

On Sunday, we traded our usual threads for lederhosen and kicked up our clogs at the Oktoberfest in Townsville. After a long time on the road for The Big Man Tour, it was great to be playing on our home turf again. The bier flowed, the pretzels were perfectly twisted and there were wieners as far as the eye could see! And what a day to be out in Townsville – almost 2,000 people came along for the Oktoberfest at the iconic Townsville Brewery to indulge in all things proudly heralding from der Deutschen Land, and one that most certainly does not – NRL.

What a high to be playing at home in Townsville, following a well-deserved Premiership win (finally!) for the mighty North Queensland Cowboys!!

Next weekend, we’ll be heading back to the wild west for the Blackall Heartland Festival on Saturday, 10 October. And we’ll be getting there in style (check out our tour bus below). Come on down to the Blackall Woolscour and say hi.

IMG_2945 IMG_2950