Costa’s Christmas

It just wouldn’t be December without Angus running around trying to get people to jingle his bells. While we try and save the ladies of Australia from ever having to experience that, check out how Costa gets festive!

Costa’s Christmas

My best memory of Christmas is….

When I was seven, I waited up all night looking out the window waiting for Santa to ride past on his reindeer. I later went outside to see what mum and dad were up to and saw them wrapping presents under the tree. It wasn’t hard to realise what was really going on.

Christmas in my household includes…

Well… Being of Wog descent our family is huge!  I usually house hop from family members’ houses for lunch and dinner and we eat and eat and eat until we can’t eat anymore. We have left overs for the next three days!!  We’ll play some games, go to a park, or have a swim and have quality family time with cousins and relatives.

I’m spending my holidays…

Riding unicorns and playing music with Wizards at Woodford Folk Festival!

This year, I’m asking Santa for…

Nothing at all. I heard he’s pretty broke with the economy the way it is at the moment. I’ll make it count next year.

I learnt the truth about Santa when…

I was eight years old, I ripped his beard off at a photo shoot, it was a woman dressed up as him! Later on the news that night Santa Claus was revealed to be kidnapped and this lady was impersonating him. Santa then gave me a Reindeer for Christmas, I called him Charlie!

We don’t care if you have your own reindeer or you borrow Costa’s – just ride whatever it takes to make it to the Ross Island Hotel in time for King’s Christmas. Get your tickets now or we’ll send the elves to get you.