Be rewarded for helping us make our debut album!

We’ve got the music, now we just need you!

It’s been so long, since we’ve released a song, we can’t do it on our ownnnnnnnnnn…

Okay gang, it’s time to get serious about our debut album! We aren’t talking about a CD with all of our EP songs on it, we’re talking brand spankin’ new stuff that isn’t recorded anywhere else… yet!

We’ve been working on some ripper stuff for this album and we need your help to bring this bad boy into the world sooner than we could do on our own.

We don’t just want to make an album.

We want to share as much of the King Social experience with you as possible! Through the PledgeMusic campaign, you can pre-order our debut album and ensure you’re among the first to get it when it’s released. Plus you can pick up some awesome perks such as access to live tracks, postcards and Skype calls from us, loads of merch, dinner dates, the chance to sing on the album with us, and a heap more!

In the past few years, we’ve had a great time building up our own unique sound with the incredible support of our fans, so are going out and creating this album with the people that matter the most: you guys!

To join in the excitement of our PledgeMusic campaign and to make sure you get a King Social album, click here and check out all the perky goodness (we mean the rewards, not Jason’s nipples) for yourself!

We’ve loved sharing every step of our rollercoaster ride through 2016 with you so far, and we hope you’ll stick with us as we shift it up a gear. Yew!!